Resso Tiktok One tap access to Resso from Tiktok Feature is Amazing

Resso Tiktok One tap access to Resso from Tiktok Feature is Amazing!

The Resso TikTok User experience could be enhanced by one-tap access to one app from another rather than closing one and opening the other. This amazing feature is only offered by Tiktok App for the Resso App.

Resso TikTok How to Access Resso From TikTok in One-tap?

To access Resso from TikTok in just one tap, follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure you have both the TikTok App and Resso App installed on your mobile device. If you don’t have Resso, you can download Resso Mod APK from this website and create an account.
  2. Open the TikTok app and browse through the videos until you find a song you like. TikTok often features popular songs and music trends.
  3. When you come across a video with a song you want to listen to on Resso, look for the music icon located on the right side of the screen. It’s usually a music note symbol.
  4. Tap on the music icon, and a small window will pop up with the song details. Here, you’ll see the name of the song and the artist.
  5. Inside the pop-up window, you will find a button that says “Listen on Resso.” Tap on this button, and TikTok will automatically launch the Resso app, taking you directly to the song you selected.
  6. Once you’re in the Resso Tiktok app, you can enjoy the full song, explore more music by the same artist, or discover related tracks and playlists.
Resso TikTok One tap access to Resso from TikTok Feature is Amazing

That’s it! With just one tap, you can seamlessly transition from TikTok to Resso and continue listening to your favorite songs. This integration allows you to easily explore and enjoy a broader range of music on the Resso platform, enhancing your overall music discovery experience.

Why one needs to go to Resso while using TikTok?

While using Resso TikTok, you may want to access Resso for a few reasons:

  1. Full Song Experience: TikTok typically plays short clips of songs in its videos. If you want to listen to the full song, you can tap on the music icon and go to Resso, where you can enjoy the complete track without interruptions.
  2. Music Discovery: TikTok often introduces users to new songs and music trends. By accessing Resso from TikTok, you can explore more music from the same artist on Resso or discover related tracks and playlists. Resso offers a wider range of music options, allowing you to expand your music library and discover new favorites.
  3. Enhanced Features: Resso offers additional features that cater specifically to music lovers. You can view lyrics in real-time, create personalized playlists, follow your favorite artists, and interact with a community of music enthusiasts. By accessing Resso through TikTok, you can access these enhanced features and have a more immersive music experience.
  4. User Preferences: Some users may simply prefer the Resso app for their music streaming needs. By seamlessly transitioning from TikTok to Resso, users can continue listening to their favorite songs without any interruption or inconvenience.

Overall, accessing Resso from the TikTok App provides users with a more comprehensive


Owned by TikTok’s parent firm ByteDance, social music-streaming app Resso launched in India in March this year after several months of test runs.

TikTok, which has over 150 million American users, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chinese technology firm ByteDance Ltd., which appoints its executives. ByteDance is based in Beijing but registered in the Cayman Islands, as is common for privately owned Chinese companies.

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