How to add your own Music to Resso Music? Get your Music Published

Music to resso

You may upload your music to Resso Music by doing the following:

Step 1: Your device Resso App should be opened.

Step 2: At the very bottom of the screen, tap the “My Library” tab.

Step 3: Tap the “Add Music” button on the “My Library” page.

Step 4: The songs or albums you want to add to your Resso Music collection can be chosen when requested. By choosing the albums or songs you wish to add, you may hit the “Add” button.

Step 5: You may access the chosen songs or albums from the “My Library” tab after they have been added to your Resso Music collection.

welcome to Resso music

Set Your Release Date: Choose a release date for your music. Some distribution services allow you to schedule your music release in advance, which can help with promotion and marketing.

      Please be aware that not all songs or albums may be able to be added to your Resso collection, and Resso may only support specific audio file types. Additionally, to upload your music to the Resso app, you might require a membership.

      Resso Music App Conclusion

      The Resso app gives users the option to upload their music, giving them an easy method to browse and listen to their music library inside the app.

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